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About Within Reach

Improve your writing. Improve your test scores. Improve your odds of acceptance to a great college or university! At Within Reach, we work hard for your success by thoroughly understanding how you best learn and what is most important to you. In many cases, we use personality and learning assessment tools to methodically distinguish and interpret your academic strengths, reasoning capabilities, memory power, approach to work, time management habits, interpersonal style, and holistic interests; all of this information helps us guide you toward a savvy list of colleges and/or universities that would optimally prepare you to thrive in higher education and achieve your future professional or graduate school goals. We prep you for the tests that would showcase your intellectual assets and support you through the college application process from list-building to final submission. From high school course selection freshman year to graduation from college, we stick with you!

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Within Reach College Acceptances!

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Our Mission

At Within Reach Education, we strive to understand our students holistically, ascertain the educational environments in which they would best thrive, and support them throughout a highly organized and comprehensive college application process, including standardized test prep.

As competition for college admission abounds year after year, it’s imperative that every application be authentic, unique, and full of interest. We help students discover their own voice, write moving personal essays, and communicate most effectively with admissions representatives.