Within Reach is committed to guiding students through an individualized and highly organized college search and application process. We are results-driven and always strive for success in college admissions through a rewarding three-step framework.



We assess each student’s academic experience by ascertaining:

  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Academic interests
  • Core classes GPA
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Work and/or internship experience
  • Community service
  • Financial needs
  • Relationships with teachers/coaches/mentors
  • Awards and/or penalties
  • Travel abroad and/or language-intensive programs
  • Other circumstances and attributes

We build personal relationships with students to best determine educational and social fit by discussing:

  • College academics
    • Majors, minors, combined degree programs, pre-professional programs
    • Accessibility to professors
    • Research opportunities
    • Internship opportunities
    • Study abroad programs
    • Career advising
    • Graduate school plans
    • Campus layout
  • Social comforts and discomforts
    • Student body diversity
    • Geography and location, distance from home
    • Size
    • Sports and extracurricular activities
    • Greek life
    • School spirit
    • Religious representation
    • Politics
  • Financial means
    • Long-term costs of tuition, school supplies, housing and travel
    • Applicable financial aid forms and scholarship applications

We also offer and interpret assessments to distinguish students’ personality traits and interests.


We help each student create a comprehensive college list by:

  • Recommending colleges of best academic and social fit and providing ample information about each school suggested
  • Offering strategies for making the most of every college visit, including practicing effective ways for students to interface and communicate with admissions representatives
  • Analyzing financial aid and scholarship eligibility

We assist students through the submission of all applications by:

  • Creating a schedule of deadlines for each application and working within the time constraints of an active high school student to complete all applications well in advance of deadlines
  • Brainstorming essay topics for personal and supplemental essays and ensuring that every essay is authentic, creative, specific, and polished
  • Offering an intensive summer program to rising seniors that enables them to complete their Common Application and personal essay by the second week of August

We inform parents about procuring financial assistance by:

  • Walking through the FAFSA, the Profile, and other financial aid forms
  • Researching and recommending scholarship opportunities and assisting students with scholarship applications
  • Offering budget seminars to rising college freshmen regarding best money management tools


We practice proper interview techniques until the student confidently:

  • Articulates his or her pointed reasons for applying to each college
  • Articulates his or her specific academic and extracurricular interests
  • Answers unexpected questions with ease
  • Asks appropriate questions in proper turn
  • Sheds nervous energy and engages in lively, authentic conversation
  • Understands and eliminates his or her distracting mannerisms by aid of recorded mock interviews
  • Demonstrates poise, polish, and comfort in dialogue

We advise each student to appropriately follow up with admissions representatives through: 

  • Submission of updated grades and test scores via proper channels
  • Sending of thank you notes

Within Reach is also committed to staying in touch with students as they enroll at college, choose courses, apply for internships and academic programs throughout college, and ultimately prepare for graduate school and employment. We’re always here to support our students and families!