Test Prep

Standardized testing can have a marked impact on college admissions. A student’s score on either the SAT or the ACT is often considered indicative of his or her readiness for college-level coursework. Also, since high schools and grading systems vary so widely across the country, many colleges find results from the SAT or the ACT helpful in understanding academic and reasoning differences among students.

The SAT and the ACT are very different tests, and it is therefore vital for each student to ascertain which test is the right fit. At Within Reach, we help students make wise testing choices by evaluating their testing options within the scope of their learning style, processing speed, collegiate goals, and high school achievements. We highly recommend that our students take a practice SAT and a practice ACT on separate days and under authentic testing conditions, and then we holistically analyze the results to customize the most effective testing and prepping schedule. Not only do your scores send a message to college admissions – so does the test you take, and we want to make sure you take the right test!


How We Prep

At Within Reach, we offer private, one-on-one tutoring as well as small-group tutoring and workshops (no more than six students to a group). Once we help a student choose either the SAT or the ACT, we determine an optimal official test date and customize our tutoring schedule to best accommodate the active life of a sophomore, junior or senior in high school. We mimic authentic testing conditions during all diagnostic and practice testing to establish a reliable baseline and future testing goal. Through targeted practice of our proven strategies, students gain confidence in their testing acumen and shed much of their test anxiety, ultimately enabling them to intelligently apply the knowledge and strategies they’ve learned throughout tutoring to a successful testing day.